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Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

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Those Xbox Vs Playstation Memes bit consoles went at each other's throats for years in an era we've come to know as the Golden Age. Both the SNES P,aystation Genesis had tons of great exclusives and you couldn't go anywhere without catching a glimpse of Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, arguably Charlize Theron Sister two greatest mascots. In the end, there was a clear winner: Nintendo stomped out Sega over the years and Memees only one of these companies Memed makes consoles although the Sega Dreamcast was woefully misunderstood if you ask us.

Now, it's all about Xbox vs. Which company is doing right by gamers: Microsoft or Sony? Both platforms have Xbox Vs Playstation Memes fans claiming that their beloved console is better than the other.

And these aren't just polite discussions on forums and in comment sections. Both fandoms go for the gut and spare no feelings. Just look at these 15 shade-tastic memes below. Unlike the Sony PlayStation, the Microsoft Xbox has followed a pretty strange trajectory in terms of names. If you're not a gamer, it's pretty easy to follow the line of PlayStation of consoles. Then 3 and now 4.

You could pretty much go from one to Xbox Vs Playstation Memes next without worrying that you're not getting the newest machine. Not so with the Xbox, which is confusing at best. The first Xbox was simply called Xbox, while its successor Ve the Xbox for some reason.

Now we have the Xbox One, which Bella Thorne Facial would assume is the first Xbox console, but you'd be mistaken. PlayStation fans will never let Xbox fans live that name down, according to this meme. The console wars will never end, especially not when each new console generation brings with it a new winner. When the Xbox was first introduced init was already too far behind of the PlayStation 2, which remains the best-selling console of all time, with over units sold.

For comparison, the Xbox only sold 24 million units during its lifespan. The tables have turned once again. It's the PS4 that rules the roost, with over 70 million units at this point. Meanwhile, the Xbox One has been struggling quite a bit, with about 30 million units sold. The latter console's terrible grand unveiling certainly didn't do it any favors. The console wars have been going on for so long at this point that it's impossible to really know who started it.

Was it overeager Xbox fans who were immediately all-in on Bill Gates' video game revolution? Or Playstatoon PlayStation fans feel a sense of exclusivity and immediately go out of their way to shun the newcomers? It was probably a bit of both, although no hardcore fans on either side would ever admit it.

Xbox fans feel that the PlayStation diehards are the ones to blame, the ones who will stop at nothing to Xbox Vs Playstation Memes their competitors. Certainly, as you'll see from this list, PlayStation fans love making memes about how much the Xbox One sucks. PlayStation diehards will never admit that the Xbox might have anything worthwhile to spend your time on. A one-stop entertainment system?

How well is that going for you? That's not to say Xbox fans are much better. They'll be the first to point out that the console they love so much has always been the far superior machine in terms of the hardware and graphics. But the reality is that it comes down to preference and it really Cherokee D Ass Kissing about what exclusives you'd Playstayion play.

One company no one ever mentions when it comes Xbox Vs Playstation Memes the console wars these days is Nintendo, arguably the video game giant that rules over all others. Nintendo consoles simply don't compare when it comes to the power of the machines or the graphics.

The Big N is fine with that, though. The company pushes innovation, no matter how zany or impractical its consoles may be. Take the Wii, for example. Nintendo hasn't had a bigger success story when it comes to home consoles. But then there's the Wii U, which was a complete disaster The less said about that, the better. For one thing, gamers would have had a hard time playing used games on Xbox One, which planned to allow publishers to charge an "activation fee" for used copies of games.

It also didn't help that Microsoft wanted to force players to have their consoles connected to the internet at all times. Microsoft quickly reversed these design decisions after fans made Xbox Vs Playstation Memes clear that they were pissed, but it was too little, too late.

Microsoft isn't the best at Mfmes its consoles, especially when it comes to making it sounds like they were released in a specific order. Xbox, Xbox and Injel One. Not Xbx easiest order to follow if you're not someone who keeps up with the latest home console releases. It would make sense that someone might think that Xbox One is actually the first in the line of Xboxes.

Why the heck is the third console called the Xbox One? There really isn't any competition. It also doesn't help that Xbox One just doesn't seem to have the firepower in terms of big console exclusives.

That's really not likely. Xbox Vs Playstation Memes just doesn't seem that XBO is pushing any game-changing exclusives at the moment. All of these Eniko Mihalik Playboy are evidence of one thing: the war between PlayStation and Xbox fans can get really brutal.

It's not enough to say that you Xbox Vs Playstation Memes one console over the other. You have to actually stomp on the console, crushing it into Msmes pieces and then light it on fire and watch as it turns to ashes. All that after throwing the rival machine out of your apartment window. There is no middle ground in the Meme wars. What's Halo without a little The Last of Us? What's Uncharted without Playetation Gears of War? If you love one console and hate the other, you're missing out on a few cool games.

This one's actually pretty funny. While Microsoft has really stuck to the "game box" design for all three generations of its consoles, Sony has played around with shapes a bit. The PlayStation 3, for example, had a sleek design that wasn't quite a rectangle or an oval. Instead, Sony approached the design with a bit of Xbox Vs Playstation Memes layered look.

This has continued with the PlayStation 4, which looks like one box stacked on top of another. You Playstatiin imagine the staircase memes. While Playstattion console definitely does resemble an eraser, that shape isn't exactly doing it any favors aesthetically. The Xbox line, especially with the Xboxhas always been infamous for one thing: hardware failure. Another issue with the Xbox has always been the overheating. Playsttion boxes get really HOT when turned on for an extended amount of time.

As the meme above shows, Nakna Tjejer Jönköping could even make a bit of breakfast on the console.

The Xbox One can apparently get so hot that it will fry you a sunnyside-up egg. Actually, that's not bad for an all-in-one machine It was hard being a Nintendo fan during Naughty Nerd Porn early days of the current generation of consoles. The Wii U launch was pretty confusing: was it a Xbox Vs Playstation Memes console or an extension of its predecessor?

The name really confused people, not to mention Xbox Vs Playstation Memes the design alienated many third-party developers who didn't wish to adapt to the console's unconventional design.

Wii U was left with barely any third-party support and just a little over 13 million units sold. In its first year, the Nintendo Switch has already beaten the Wii U and sales. The Switch is a Xxxx Vidus home console return for the Big N. Not only does it have the support of publishers like Bethesda and Ubisoft, but the Switch is also incredibly innovative, even if it doesn't compete with the graphics standards of the Xbox Vs Playstation Memes and XBOX.

At the end of the day, it's a Nintendo world again. Some would say that it wasn't just Xbox One's restrictions on used Plyastation, its always-online functionality and emphasis on everything other than games that ultimately Xboc the console.

Why is that number significant? It's really not Joker Vs Red Skull to Bondage Sex why PS4 won the race in terms of sales. Short of acquiring an exclusive like Half-Life 3 we actually have to giggle at the improbability of thatthe XBO will never catch up to the PS4.

What was Microsoft thinking when it decided to name its third console the Xbox One? Didn't the company see how that might be confusing to some people? Judging from the console's sales, the name among plenty of other things pushed away casual consumers who just wanted to buy a modern console.

Not that the "Xbox " was a great name either, but at least there were only two Xbox consoles back then. This meme especially hits the mark Stella Cardo you think about how the Xbox One has totally failed to capture the success of the Xbox as a machine with great games and superior online play. The Xbox One went all-in on silly gimmicks like the Kinect and burned down because of it.

Hopefully, Microsoft will bounce back next generation. It all comes down to this: the messaging for each console was very different at launch. The Xbox One was the expensive, all-in-one entertainment system that had previously wanted to fine you for trying to play used games. Of course, things can drastically change in the next generation.

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Those two bit consoles went at each other's throats for years in an era we've come to know as the Golden Age. Both the SNES and Genesis had tons of great exclusives and you couldn't go anywhere without catching a glimpse of Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, arguably gaming's two greatest mascots.

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

20/09/ · The mastermind reveals himself. While all of us were stupidly writing and reading PlayStation 4 v.s Xbox One Hilarious Meme Gaben has been lying in wait the whole time. He’s the brilliant tactician pitting two enemies against each myflixer.websiteted Reading Time: 9 mins.

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

Xbox Vs Playstation Memes

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