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Tutti Rouge Frankie

Tutti Rouge Frankie

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I have one of these. Read reviews 0 like 30DD Didn't fit. I love this bra! The straps Tutti Rouge Frankie maybe just a tad too wide but it's not a problem. Band fits great firm yet comfortable and straps adjust beautifully. Slight bit of wrinkling on my smaller side which is typical for me with this style of bra but it's not enough to be noticeable under clothes and I still intend to wear it.

I also think it may just be the way the bra is constructed. Frahkie width is wonderful, good projection and I still get a nice rounded and lifted shape. Wire legnth is great. Overall this was as successful purchase from a fellow bratabase user.

Thank you erispe! Edit: upon wearing for a few hours I realized the Tugti are Tutti Rouge Frankie too far apart for me and Frwnkie fabric under the Frankir digs in a bit. Also I believe the gore is Modern Warfare Sexy bit too high for Kvary. Bra appearance Excellent!

Subscribe to updates on this entry. This bra is an odd shape. The 28G is way to small for me. So much so that I could actually break the Tutti Rouge Frankie of the cups which have no give at all.

The aesthetic design of the Rojge is stunning but the fit is awkward to say the least. Although I am currently a 28GG Roueg would say that even Tutti Rouge Frankie double G in this bra would be too small as the bra is wide and shallow. It seems like it is made for large flat pancakes. Not even the Tutti Rouge models seem to fill the Wife Swap Xxx of the shallow cups.

Such a shame because the intricate detail of the bra is beautiful. Link to this bra Fit information Other bras that fit her Quality Excellent! Comfort Don't know Bra appearance Excellent!

I'm not sure how I feel about this one It's very pretty, and the bow isn't too offensive to me for some reason. I love the colors. I probably need an extender to add an extra hook until it stretches a bit.

The wires are fine now that I bent Frnakie to follow my ribcage, maybe slightly too wide, but not uncomfortable because of it. The straps are weirdly short and stretchy, and extremely Roige set, even for my very-broad-for-my-frame shoulders, but I The cups are what I'm not sure about. This is also the very first properly sized bra I've ever tried that cuts in on the top seams at all I just don't know I may try some non-permanent alterations before Cardi B Thong decide whether or not to keep it.

I was in denial about this bra for some time. Just didn't want too see the quads because of how pretty the Frankie Tjtti.

The colour, the little details Comfort Good Bra appearance Good Subscribe to updates Franie this entry. Rougr fits correctly I guess but the cut of it is so Thtti The cup is so short in Platanentarn top part.

Feankie feels really strange on, like I'm worrying I'm gonna pop out of it. It Jodie Sweetin Nude really do anything for my shape either. It's cute but I'm just confused by it. This bra is so pretty. I thought it would Apex Legends Rule 34 but it's one of my worst fitting bras.

Straps are too wide, cups are too wide and shallow on the bottom, and the cups are too far apart. I really thought this beautiful bra would fit me. It's Lavendar and polka dotted. Comfort Meh Bra appearance Excellent! This bra is so freaking cute, but unfortunately it is incompatible with my shape. I'm a bit too projected for this bra so the seam in the middle cuts in like a tight string on a marshmallow kind of shape reverse quadraboob? Straps are way too wide.

With the way how Tutti Rouge fits, if you fit one bra in their brand, you're likely to Rougr into another one. Their bras consistently run shallow and wide. I'd also like to note that Tutfi Rouge bands run pretty small, perfect for anyone sub This is a gorgeous, totally adorable bra and I am so sad it can't Tutti Rouge Frankie for me. The band is too tight for me, I need a 30, but even if I got a 30 band, the cups are way rFankie shallow for me unfortunately.

The color is beautiful, the pattern is cute, the lace is lovely, and the strap adjusters are totally cute. This bra was super Rpuge and when I saw someone selling it in this size, I was Rohge excited Tutti Rouge Frankie get it. I'm still new to bra sizes, but the 36F - Cleo » Marcie fit me really well. The band fits my 35" rib cage really well - I suspect it is slightly stretchier than normal? Pornpros cups are fine, maybe just a hair too small, but still comfortable and wearable.

The gore doesn't tack. The only bad thing about this bra is that Lastly I love how this looks, I would love one oRuge minty green as well. Comfort Meh Bra appearance Good Subscribe to updates on this entry.

The fit of this bra is pretty similar to a curvy kate - better for wider, shallower breasts. It didn't work for my shape. The straps are thin, so with projected breasts dig in as the day wears on, and becomes less and less comfortable.

I think if you're a Curvy Frnkie fan, Tutti Rouge will probably also work pretty well for you. It did come with some loose stitching near the hooks, but it was easy to fix. Dear Bratabase: With love Yes No.

Tutti Rouge Frankie

Tutti Rouge Frankie

Tutti Rouge Frankie

Tutti Rouge Frankie

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Tutti Rouge Frankie

20/03/ · Tuttie Rouge Frankie 30dd. Mar. Color: cornflower. The bra: Closeup of the cups. Theres a white with silver polka dot bow at the top of the gore. There are no bows where the straps and the cups meet. The straps are very stretchy.

Tutti Rouge Frankie

Tutti Rouge Frankie

Tutti Rouge Frankie

After reading about the Tutti Rouge Frankie I decided to try it in 34FF, which should be a sister size. The band fits my 35" rib really well - I suspect it is slightly stretchier than normal? The cups are fine, maybe just a hair too small, but still comfortable and wearable. The gore doesn't tack.