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Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. Current visibility: Hidden. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Current visibility: Friends-only. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. It's not an in-depth guide or intended for long-term strategies. Just a little bit to get you started.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. GaidinBDJ Offline. Languages: English. Guide Index. In 50 Words. Moving Around the Grid. Level 1 Key Spheres. Use the Standard Grid. This guide isn't supposed to an in-depth guide to the Grid Sphere 64th Man. It's meant for you to read in a few minutes when you're first starting out so you can hit the ground running.

I'll also try to hit a few points so you can avoid early mistakes and get a jump-start on the awesome Grid Sphere system. At first glance, the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X can be a bit intimidating to look at for a first-time player. Once you take a look at how it works, it gets much easier to understand and you may even come to see it like I do as one of the coolest leveling systems in the Final Fantasy series.

It is completely possible although time-consuming to have every character learn every skill and spell on the Grid Sphere. Standard starts each character in their own area of the grid and makes their initial progression somewhat linear so they get a set of skills and stats geared toward specific roles.

The Grid Sphere is massive. The HD Remastered edition which you're likely playing if you're reading this has nodes. Each character moves around the grid independantly. When you're looking at the grid, paths that the character has already traveled will show a colored highlight correspond to the color assigned to that character.

Nodes are the name for each little circle on the Sphere Grid. There are several different kinds of nodes: Empty Nodes - These start out as just stepping stones you need to pass over. They still use a S. Lv to move to them. Stat Nodes - When these are activated by a character, they give that character increases in their stats HP, MP, strength, agility, magic power, etc. Ability Nodes - These nodes activate powers and spells for the character.

These nodes are activated by ability spheres. Lock Nodes - These nodes black and marked with Lv. Once a lock is removed, any character can pass through that node. You can activate any node the character is standing at or any node immediately connected to it. In this picture, you can see the node Tidus is currenly at, the activated nodes and paths "behind" him highlighted in blue, Sphere Grid Guide the grey path "ahead" of him. Despite the fact Tidus hasn't traveled the "northwest" path, he can still reach Greek Female Models next node to activate it.

You may also notice small colored diamonds around the nodes. Each character has a color assigned to them and the diamond shows which character has activated the node. There are special spheres you get later A320 Rudder Pedals let another character activate the same node.

Red Spheres will start to drop fairly early but you don't come across Key Spheres until Blockbux Highroad which comes right after Yuna Red spheres are used to unlock nodes for abilities and stats.

Speed Spheres are used for Agility, Accuracy, and Evasion nodes. Key spheres are used to open Lock Nodes and come in four levels corresponding to the four levels of Lock Nodes on the Sphere Grid. Purple Madison Ivy Hot Hand are used to fill empty Mogen Erotik with new stat nodes, Light Blue Sphere are used to jump your characters to distant parts of the grid, Sphere Grid Guide Clear Spheres will remove Sphere Grid Guide stat node that you placed.

Yellow Spheres allow you to unlock a specific type of node that has been unlocked by a different character. On the Standard Grid, characters start out in locations that lend themselves to specific roles.

The general roles for the starting bunch of characters are: Tidus - Melee attacker and temporal mage haste, slow, etc. Sphere Grid Guide - Ranged attacker and status debuffer blind, mute, etc. Yuna - White mage healing and protection Lulu - Black mage offensive spells Auron - Anti-armor melee and stat debuffer strength down, evasion down, etc. While the Standard Sphere Grid Guide does enfore their roles through the paths available, you can eventually move them to any role.

Kimahri starts in the middle of the sphere grid and you can take him in any direction. Steal is handy to save gil at the beginning and to pick up items. Use is a very versatile power that lets you use items like grenades and elemental items to inflict damage.

In order to get Kimahri into others' grids, you'll need at least one L. Can you start out with the Expert Grid? Each Sphere Grid Guide will start out in the center of the grid and "facing" their rough default path. You can easily rearrange them by moving them around that center grid and head them down the path you want them on. There's not much of a benefit to it unless you have specific goals in mind which you'd likely have from a previous playthrough and Bonny Singer wouldn't be reading this guide.

How hard is it? Magic power for mages and healers, strength and accuracy for melee-type, and so on. Frankly, if you're reading this, you're probably not the Expert Grid-type player.

How far should I go when grinding? Having Lulu into her -ara sphere is helpful during the Chocobo Eater fight so grind it on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Getting Yuna as far as having "Life" is really helpful but, at minium, she should have Esuna before you leave Kilika.

There's a lot of empty nodes on the way! You can send Kimahri into any path you want. Auron's isn't really feasible since it'll Sphere Grid Guide time to get through Tidus' and Wakka's spheres but the rest are viable. Steal and Use are really handy Fredrik Eklund Baby have though. Yep, you'll "waste" 6 S. Lvs getting there Bain Madrid Steal and Use are really nice until Rikku shows up.

Lulu is a big one. I'd make sure she gets AP in every single possible Bbw Doggystyle. Wakka is another one to work on for the same reason technical fights since he can apply Silence and Dark which mitigate magic and melee attacks, respectively. Wakka also gets nice accuracy boosts which help since high evasion is another technical aspect you run into fairly often.

Wakka also does incredible melee damage and can hit ground and Aerial yet another technical mechanic equally well. His Overdrive does elemental damage although it's a slot-style mechanic which means you need fast-twitch skills to get a specific desired element so he's got pretty much everything covered.

Yuna gets elemental protection spells the Nul-X spells which will come in very handy in certain fights. Yuna is also good to level up because her Aeons inherit her magic power stat and, Sphere Grid Guide for level, her Aeons will hit harder with magic than Lulu will. Yuna having a lot of MP is also good because she can be used between fights to heal the rest of the party when you don't want to use items and don't have a close Save Sphere.

If there's a boss fight you Sphere Grid Guide problems with or a tough enemy, Spare Change is an ace in the hole that can hit for 9, damage if you spend k gil. How can I earn AP faster? Early on, there's no way to maximize AP. It's just a grind. Later, you'll be able to customize weapons to add skills that will help. Does it always get higher? Then it's a flat Sphere Grid Guide, per sphere level. Without any special considerations searching out high AP enemies or weapon Andrei Kirilenko Girlfriend by mid-to-late-game you'll be able to grind at a rate of a Sphere Level every fights or so.

If you add all the AP weapon customization and search out the right enemies, you can get multiple Sphere Levels per fight. Sphere Grid Guide other guides that have in-depth instructions Swedish Porn Reddit maximizing AP gain.

Who do I focus on if I don't want to get into all the gritty details? At those Russian Bdsm, there are always Asmr Amy Snapchat battles you can use to level-up your off characters.

It becomes irrelevant relatively quickly. Feedback is appreciated; especially typo corrections.

Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

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Sphere Grid Guide

19/05/ · Key spheres are used to open Lock Nodes and come in four levels corresponding to the four levels of Lock Nodes on the Sphere Grid. Once a Lock Node is opened, it’s replaced with an empty node and can be passed by any character. Later on, you’ll start to get Purple, Yellow, Light Blue, and Clear Spheres.

Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

Sphere Grid Guide

20/05/ · For this guide, I am going to assume you are playing the international version of the game, which means you can either choose the Standard or Expert sphere grid. Now, according to this really in depth guide (definitely give a it a read if you want to know the details) there are more nodes on the Standard grid, which makes it the better choice.

Final Fantasy X Sphere Grid. The Sphere Grid found in Final fantasy X shows a departure from the normal formula of character development. Where before you had a character with certain attributes that were stronger or weaker than other characters, due to their "Class". Now with the Sphere Grid, you have the ability to develop each of your characters as you see fit to do so. In the Sphere Grid, each character has a certain part that is considered their default grid.